New publications by QUANTIC team

Last month was busy, we will be updating the news section with more posts soon.

Some of the most important news relate to publications. The QUANTIC team has added a new preprint of a theory paper on Multipartite entanglement on the publications section titled ‘Multipartite entanglement in spin chains and the Hyperdeterminant‘. The work led by Alba Cervera-Lierta from QUANTIC team studied classes of entangled states and a measure for their ‘entanglement-ness’, called hyperdeterminant. It turns out you need four qutrits to yield maximally entangled states.

In addition, one of the papers under review by Dr. Forn-Díaz has been accepted to the prestigious journal Nature Communications. The work entitled ‘Probing the strongly driven spin-boson model in a superconducting quantum circuit‘ is a combined theory and experiment study of the well-known spin-boson model, taken in a new domain of parameters. Using a superconducting flux qubit coupled to a transmission line, combined with a strong drive on the qubit, led to a dressed state picture in the strongly dissipative regime, which had not been studied yet. The result is important in the area of analog simulation of condensed-matter models using superconducting circuits.

Qubit spectral traces as function of applied strong drive amplitude (y-axis). The splitting is a signature of the strong dissipative regime of the spin-boson model and had never before been observed. An extension of the spin-boson model was needed to match the theoretical predictions. Inset shows the superconducting flux qubit used in this work, the arrows represent the superposition of persistent current states of the qubit.