Workshop Quantum Simulation and Computation in Bilbao

Last month we witnessed one of the most important events in the Quantum Simulation and Computation scene in the world this year. The workshop in Bilbao contained a set of the leading scientists in the world in all areas of quantum information, particularly experimental quantum computation and simulation.

Besides, a couple round tables made the event even more special. A first round table moderated by Enrique Solano and Gavin Brennen with scientists discussed the future of quantum computation, the challenges and the visions from top players in the field such as Rainer Blatt (Innbruck), Michel Devoret (Yale), Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard), Jens Eisert (Freie Universität Berlin), Christine Muschik (IQC Waterloo), Frank Wilhelm (Universität des Saarland). A second round table with representatives from the corporate world was moderated by Víctor Canivell, president of the Quantum World Association, and included Sergio Boixo (Google), Will Zheng (Rigetti), José Ignacio Latorre (Qilimanjaro), Arman Zaribafiyan (1QBit), Toni Juan (Metempsy).

The QUANTIC team was represented twofold. First, Artur García-Sáez presented preliminary results on a new type of quantum algorithm known as ‘Adiabatically Assisted Variational Quantum Eigensolver’ (AAVQE) which is currently being written up. The second participation was from José Ignacio Latorre who participated at the industrial round table and explained his views from the position of a scientist trying to raise private funds.

The event was co-organized by Enrique Rico (Bilbao), Juan José García-Ripoll (IFF-CSIC, Madrid) and Pol Forn-Díaz (QUANTIC).