New review article by Dr. Forn-Díaz

A new article has been completed by QUANTIC group member Pol Forn-Díaz. The review titled ‘Ultrastrong coupling regimes of light-matter interaction’ is a compilation of the evolution of this area in quantum optics exploring the boundaries of the field. Dr. Forn-Díaz has been a pioneer with his PhD as well as postdoctoral work with superconducting qubits coupled to resonators and open systems. The review includes an overview of the history of the Rabi model since its inception, and includes progress in other relevant experimental areas such as polaritons in semiconducting microcavities and other hybrid systems such as molecules in cavities and magnons in microwave resonators.

This work is a collaboration with members of the UPV Bilbao group from Enrique Solano, Lucas Lamata and Enrique Rico, as well as Prof. Jun Kono from the Rice University at Houston, in Texas.

The article has been posted on the arxiv repository with reference 1804.09275.

Figure from the review containing a summary of the main results in different areas with maximum coupling strength normalized to the cavity mode.