New arXiv preprint by the theory team

Scaling of variational quantum circuit depth for condensed matter systems, by C. Bravo-Prieto, J. Lumbreras, L. Tagliacozzo and J.I. Latorre

In this paper, the authors have analyzed the performances of a finite depth quantum circuit in order to encode the ground state of local Hamiltonians. They have shown that as expected, the precision improves exponentially with the depth of the circuit in gapped phases.

In conformally invariant gapless phases, the precision improves very slowly up to a number of layers that increase linearly with the system size. They identify that regime with a finite-depth regime, where the depth of the circuit dictates the appearance of an effective correlation length. Beyond that number of layers, the precision improves again exponentially (finite-size regime).


They have provided an explanation of this phenomenon in terms of Lieb-Robinson bounds, and also compared the power of different variational ansatz in representing the ground state of critical systems. Finally, they believe that, in the context of critical systems, the actual entanglement entropy of the wave-function provides a proper measurement of the effective number of free parameters in the ansatz, the number that is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the results.