Bojos per la supercomputació

The Quantic members Carlos Bravo-Prieto and David López-Núñez have shared some time with high-school students that are ”crazy for supercomputing”.

First, they have learnt them the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, a necessary step to understand quantum computing, as well as the potential applications of it.

Presentació powerpoint sobre física quàntica. En aquesta plana, hi ha la introducció a aquesta disciplina.

Then, the foundations of quantum computing have been explained, such as how to represent a qubit in the Bloch sphere, (thanks to Quantum Fracture for the nice drawings)


Finally, our students have learnt to simulate quantum algorithms in classical computers.


Hopefully, some of them will join us in the future in this amazing adventure of researching in Quantum Computing. Thank you very much for your attention, and have luck in your brilliant futures!