Master thesis project

Title: Construction of the first superconducting quantum bit in Barcelona

Abstract: We are approaching the age of quantum computers [1]. Throughout the world, many initiatives, both public and private, aspire to construct the first generation of quantum processors able to surpass the computational power of the most powerful classical computers [2]. Among all the candidate systems on which to build such a device, superconducting quantum circuits [3] are among the most promising. These circuits behave as artificially engineered atomic systems in the microwave frequency domain, allowing their quantum state to be efficiently initialized, controlled, and read out [4].

In a collaboration between the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), we are starting a project to aim at building the first quantum processor in Barcelona using the technology of superconducting circuits. The construction of such system requires a multi-disciplinary effort of physics, electronics, material science and computer science.

We propose to construct a class of circuits to perform quantum annealing [5], which is one of the possible ways to perform quantum computation in a quantum processor. The first circuits will need to be designed using advanced software tools and tested in an actual experimental setting.

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