Our work is on quantum computation, both theoretical and experimental.

Quantum Algorithms

New small size quantum computers are coming to age. A relevant example is the IBM Quantum Experience which is accessible on the cloud. The use of such a machine brings the possibility of exploring new quantum algorithms.

There are two main lines of research in quantum algorithmia. A first possibility is to use pure quantum logic based on gates that build circuits. The fact that the readout of a quantum machine is non-deterministic brings an element of difficulty to the construction of quantum algorithms and its application to real problems. A second possibility consists in dropping the quantum circuit philosophy in favor of a quantum annealing strategy. This second solution makes feasible attacking optimization problems, which are relevant for different industries.

The focus of Quantic on quantum algorithms can be summarized as follows:

1) Develop strategies to exploit small and medium size quantum computers
2) Adapt realistic problems to quantum annealing
3) Develop a quantum operating system to run a small quantum device

Example of a quantum circuit that generalizes GHz-like states and measures them in order to verify Mermin inequalities. From “Experimental test of Mermin inequalities on a 5-qubit quantum computer”, D. Alsina, J. I. Latorre, Phys. Rev. A 94, 012314 (2016), arxiv:1605.04220v2